• 23. januar 2020

Jutland Heath Cup og DM

Jutland Heath Cup

30. may 2020 Kongenshus Hede, Viborg

more to follow later, but most like last year except the wheather. 


Jutland Heath Cup 2019

8. june 2019 Kongenshus Hede, Viborg

After days of waiting we finally got the nice weather we had hoped for. Sun and only 1 m/s in the first round. 4 minuts max and go. The wind came a bit up in the following rounds where we used 3 minutes max. 

As a big surprice the wind turned from north to west, and not east as the forecast predictet, in first round. But 3 minutes and turmal to 6 minutes flight was inside, but no reason to gamble in 5. round, so just 3 minutes there as well. 

Maybe the nice weather made people take it to easy. In the end only Bernd Silz F1B and Bjarne Jørgensen F1S made 5 maxes.

During the day we saw many people who have been flying freeflight years ago and others just driving around on the wonderful heath area, with no clou of what the saw.

With no fly-off we finished with price-ceremony kl. 14.30 and had time to talk and coffe before going home.

We hope to see you again next year.


Winners   Results 2019

F1A    Thomas Weimer GER

F1B     Bernd Silz GER

F1Q    Tom Oxager  DEN


Danish Nationals  DM resultat 2019

F1A     Leif Nielsen Jensen tilføj selv flere

F1B     Christian Schwartzbach

F1Q     Tom Oxager

F1S      Bjarne Jørgensen



Foto: Kjeld Kristiansen