• 24. oktober 2020

Silkeborg 2017 - Bulletin

Modelflyvning Danmark, El-styringsgruppen and Silkeborg El & Svæv

Date of contest:

24.-25. June 2017

Place of contest:


Airfield in Silkeborg

Address:  F.L.Smidths Vej 3, 8600 Silkeborg

See http://www.modelflyveklubben.dk/ - Kontakt

Valid for:


  • The Danish F5B rankinglist for the 2018 national team selection
  • Danish championship 2017
  • Contest Eurotour
  • World Cup


Modelflyvning Danmark, El-styringsgruppen and Silkeborg El & Svæv

Contest secretary and entry:

Jeppe Alkærsig


At entry, remember to state:

  • Class(classes): F5B/HotLiner Open
  • Frequency if not 2.4GHz
  • Foodpack yes/no

Contest rules:

FAI/EuroTour rules for 2017, we do not have a telemetry solution ready, so Unilog readout will be used.
It is the responsibility of the pilot to provide a means of reading this value (TX display, UniDisplay etc). 

Experimental rules:

A "HotLiner Intro" class is available for pilots not flying any of the FAI classes. The flying tasks are the same, but the planes are only restricted to

Max 75g/dm2 and max. 750 watts measured after 4 seconds.


The course will be direction line B to the right, and the sun from the back

Start of Contest:

Breakfast saturday at 08.00.

Briefing saturday at 09.00, first start at 9.30.

First start sunday at 09.00

Additional rquirements:

  • All foreign participants must have a proper insurance for this event.
  • Remember to bring an additional receiver for the timing system.
  • Participants in F5B must present a valid FAI license

Entry fees

35€ - 265DKK



Camping at the airfield is possible. There is toilet facilites and 230V mains, a fee of 7€ - 50DKK will be charged per night per person.

There are also many nearby hotels, hostels and motels. Look for accomodation in Silkeborg, fx Svostrup Kro

Food and beverages:

All meals/beverages will be available/arranged at the airfield from saturday morning.


Grillpary saturday evening 20€ - 150DKK

Breakfast sunday will be 7€ - 50DKK

Airfield overview:


If F5B gets too boring:

Riverboat Jazzfestival